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Pan (formerly Flute) is the British Flute Society's lavishly-printed, full-colour journal. It is the authoritative guide to the latest flute news, reviews of new music, books and recordings, and contains articles by the world's most knowledgeable writers on the flute and its history, on flute music and on flute players.

  • March 2019

    March 2019

    The March 2019 journal is out now and features the following articles:

    • Meet the BFS Council: Jonathan Rimmer
    • BFS News
    • BFS Competitions 2019
      Recapping the event and winners
    • News, International News and Trade News
    • UK and International Events
    • Leicestershire Flute Day
      Celebrating the flute in the Midlands
    • ...So They Do Say
      Join Trevor Wye for doughnuts
    • Flute Choir Focus
      The Flute Group of Milford on Sea
    • The Inventor of the B♭ Thumb Lever on the Böhm Flute: Theobald Böhm or Giulio Briccialdi?
      Ludwig Böhm asks the question
    • Dyslexia: Learning Strategies in Flute Practice
      Ricardo M. Alves & Nuno S. Inácio offer an in-depth study into the musical challenges posed by dyslexia
    • Selected Flute Works Of Michael Kallstrom
      Tammy Evans Yonce explores the American composer’s colourful music
    • Beginners’ Guide: Setting Up A Flute Choir
      Take your first steps in the flute choir world with the first of a new series of guides
    • Flutes & Co
      Life with Cumbria’s thriving flute orchestra
    • Malcolm Pollock
      Carla Rees talks to the outgoing BFS Chairman
    • Reviews
      Concerts, recordings and sheet music
    • Classified Ads
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