BFS Area Reps

BFS Area Reps around the UK and world-wide do a great job, organising events and liaising with members to ensure that the Society offers something for everyone. Get in touch with your local BFS Area Representative for details of events and activities in your area. Contact details for BFS Area Representatives are included on the map below and a full list of Area Reps can be found on page 2 of the BFS journal, Pan. Alternatively, contact us for further information (select General Enquiry).

BFS Area Reps: could you fill a gap in your region?

As our map of mainland Britain shows, there are still some areas without local representatives. If you would be interested in filling one of the gaps, Area Rep Co-ordinator Kate Cuzner would be delighted to hear from you. Members in Northern Ireland and around the world would also be welcome as representatives in their region. To express interest in becoming an area rep please complete and return the BFS Area Representative Application Form.

A list of international territories currently covered can be found on page 2 of the current BFS journal, Pan.