BFS Competitions 2013

Congratulations to our competitions winners!

The BFS would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the BFS competition on Wednesday 20 February 2013 at the Regent Hall, Oxford Street, London. We would also like to thank the adjudicators for all their hard work, our amazing pianists, Richard Shaw and Jo Sealey, and all the helpers who made the day run smoothly.

We would like to thank William S Haynes Co of Boston for contributing a headjoint which was given to the Class B first prize winner; Pearl Flutes for giving an alto flute as first prize for the Young Artist Competition; and also Wood Wind and Reed, June Emerson, All Flutes Plus, Trinity College London, Top Wind,  Just Flutes and Arcomis for generously contributing prizes for the event. 

BFS School Performer Competition 2013

Class A (Grades 5-8) Prize Winners: First prize: Francesca Biescas Rue Second prize: Victoria Creighton Third prize: Gabrielle Mann BFS School Performer medals: Hannah Gillingham and Julie Davidsen

Class B (Grade 8+) Prize Winners: First prize: Jagoda Krzeminska Second prize: Meera Maharaj Third prize: Epsie Thompson BFS School Performer medals: Charlotte Perkins and Matthew Higham


BFS Young Artist Competition 2013 Prize Winners

First prize: Katherine Bateman Second prize: Dana Joras Third prize: Diego Aceña Moreno

In addition, the adjudicators, Paul Edmund-Davies and Siobhan Grealy, felt that the following competitors (in no particular order) had given something really very special on the day but were not ultimately prize winners:

Clara Kaschel, Luke O'Toole, Maria Chybowska, Sameeta Gahir, Lyndsey Bryden, Katherine Smith, Zoya Vyazovska, Yae Ram Park