March 2018 Hyperlinks

Below you will find the hyperlinks included in the March 2018 issue of Pan, organised by section.



Southbank Sinfonia

Alexa Still CD

Baroque flute fingering charts

Royal Free Call for Musicians

Luna's Magic Flute

Flute Fling Workshops

Flute Fling bookings

Eavesdropping Symposium

Aldeburgh Festival

GSMD short course

Julie Groves Sound Art

Grolloo Flute Course

AFT Members

Abell Flutes

All Flutes Plus

Astute Music


Kingma Flutes

Forton Music

Just Flutes

Mancke Headjoints

New Moon Insurance


The Tutor Pages

Top Wind

Universal Edition

Powell Flutes

Viento Flutes

Wonderful Winds

Woodwind and Reed

Flute Choir Focus

Sheffield Flute Choir website

Sheffield Flute Choir facebook

Sheffield Flute Choir twitter

Events - UK 

Funtington Music Group

Rachel Shirley

Cornwall Flute Festival

Edison Ensemble

International Events

A Travers La Flute

International Low Flutes Festival 

Big Flute Festival

La Côte Flute Festival

German Flute Society competition

Spanish Flute Festival

Adams Flute Festival

Slovenian Flute Festival

Peru Flute Festival

World Flute Society Convention

BFS Future Flute Fest

St Johns Smith Square

Competition Winners - Where are they now?

Tempest Flutes

Kathryn Williams


Dutton - Idyll CD